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Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

The vaginal contraceptive ring is a flexible, plastic ring that is inserted into the vagina. It is a hormonal contraceptive for women. Similar to other hormonal forms of contraception, the vaginal contraceptive ring uses both progestin and estrogen which help to prevent pregnancy by suppressing ovulation. The ring is utilized by keeping it inserted for three weeks and then removing it in the fourth week to allow menstruation to occur. After the menstrual cycle ends, a new ring is inserted. 

Advantages of the Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

Along with helping to prevent pregnancy, the vaginal contraceptive ring has other various benefits including:

  • Comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require remembering to take a daily pill
  • Doesn’t require a personalized fitting
  • Eliminates the need to interrupt sex for contraception
  • Can be easily removed if you hope to become pregnant
  • Less likely to cause irregular bleeding and weight gain commonly associated with hormonal birth control methods
  • Delivers a smaller level of hormones throughout the body than some other types of contraceptives, which may reduce the risk of side effects

Disadvantages of the Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

  • While you may not have to remember to take a pill every day, it’s important to remember to change your vaginal contraceptive ring on time to ensure you’re protected from pregnancy
  • Does not offer any protection against sexually transmitted infections
  • May increase your vaginal discharge
  • Increased risk of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack

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