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Routine Obstetrics

Routine obstetric care is recommended for our pregnant patients who are experiencing a normal pregnancy.

“Pregnancy Confirmation” Appointment

At this initial visit you can expect to have an ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy is developing normally and to help calculate a due date. This ultrasound is often performed with a probe placed in the vagina because a pregnancy this early is small and best seen with an internal scan. The optimal timing for this visit is 7-9 weeks after the first day of your last period.

“New Ob” Appointment

At this second visit, you can expect a longer and more in depth appointment. You will have an interview with one of our nurses followed by time with one of our practitioners. Beyond collecting your history and making a plan for the pregnancy, this visit may include:

These initial exams can help answer early pregnancy questions and let you know what to expect during the upcoming appointments during the pregnancy.

Prenatal visits

At each regularly scheduled visit the nurse will obtain any complaints or concerns, blood pressure, weight and a urine sample. The physician will measure fundal height of the uterus and measure fetal heart rate. Your visits will be closer together as you get closer to due date, or depending on your risk factors. Routine lab work, testing and ultrasound schedules are listed below.

11-13.6 wks

  • First trimester screening (optional) at Wake Med Raleigh or Duke Perinatology
  • Receive glucola for Early 1 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT or O’Sullivan) if indicated

Early screening for gestational diabetes depends on personal risk factors including family history of diabetes, pre-pregnancy weight, history of gestational diabetes with a previous pregnancy, or prior large baby

14-16 wks

  • Early 1 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT or “O’Sullivan”) blood work drawn if indicated

15-20 wks

  • Quadruple (“Quad” screen) or AFP only (optional) blood work drawn

18-20 wks

  • Ultrasound (Office). Anatomy ultrasound between 18 and 20 weeks at our office, Wake Med, or Duke Perinatology

23-24 wks

  • All patients receive glucola for 1 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT or “O’Sullivan”) Even if you have completed the Early 1 Hour GTT, this test is repeated at 26-28 weeks

26-28 wks

  • CBC, glucose (GTT or O’sullivan test), RPR, and HIV blood work drawn. If maternal blood type is Rh (-), an antibody screen is also performed

28-30 wks

  • If maternal blood type is Rh (-), receive Rhogam injection
  • Recommend tDap vaccination

32 wks

  • Receive Fetal Kick Count instructions

34-36 wks

  • Hemoglobin check
  • Receive Group Beta Strep information sheet


  • Group Beta Strep (GBS) Test performed
  • Gonorrhea/Chlamydia cultures performed if indicated
  • Begin pelvic exams at each visit (optional)

We encourage our patients to discuss any questions or concerns relating to your pregnancy. To get in touch, you may contact us online, text or call us at 919-781-6200.

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