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Preparing for Your Delivery

Prenatal Classes

Two-day virtual prenatal course offered each month from 9am to 4pm. 

It is ideal for patients to participate between 28 and 32 weeks gestation. 

Prenatal Course Flyer

Prenatal Course Flyer Virtual

Prenatal Course Flyer In Person


  • Expecting families will be educated on the stages of labor and birth process
  • Comfort and relaxation techniques to manage pain and ease anxiety
  • Support person will learn their role and ways to help
  • What are medical interventions?
  • How to be prepared for hospital stay
  • Post partum care
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Newborn care

Instructor Sandy Arnold

Sandy is a Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Consultant and works in Labor and Delivery at WakeMed Raleigh Campus. Sandy has 21 years of experience working with mothers and babies.

Hospital Tour

Even if you do not desire to take any classes offered at the hospital, you may consider a tour of the delivery unit, especially if this is your first experience with Wake Med.  This is a free, guided tour, and times are offered in the evenings and some Saturdays.  We recommend you schedule your tour by the third trimester, and select a tour date prior to 36 weeks gestation.   You may call 919-350-8235 to register.

Hospital Registration

Pre-registering with the Women’s Pavilion & Birthplace prior to your arrival will save you time and frustration when you arrive for a triage evaluation or labor admission.  When you are uncomfortable in labor, or anxious about the events surrounding your admission, the pre-registration will help start your experience off positively.  Wake Med suggests you complete your pre-registration form at the 20th week of pregnancy.  Pre-registration is an easy process.  Simply complete the form in the back of the Wake Med package you were given at your first OB appointment, and return it by mail it in the preaddressed, postage paid envelope.  This form may also be accessed via the hospital website at  Follow the link to the Women’s Pavilion & Birthplace, and then select Raleigh campus.  At the bottom of this information page you will find a link to the “Women’s Pavilion & Birthplace Pre-registration Form”.

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