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Newborn Male Circumcision

What is Male Circumcision?

Male circumcision is the surgical removal of foreskin at the head of the penis. It is performed only on healthy babies. If the baby is not completely healthy, the circumcision may be postponed.

How is Male Circumcision Performed?

At Kamm McKenzie, our providers offer two different circumcision methods: plasti-bell and gomco. In the gomco method, the foreskin is removed at the time of the circumcision, and the post-operative care consists of Vaseline being placed on the penis with each diaper change. In the plasti-bell method, the foreskin is tied tight around a plastic bell and it will eventually just fall off in a few days. While the plasti-bell method may be lower maintenance at first, it can become a nuisance if the foreskin “hangs” on by a strand.  There is not one technique that is superior to the other, and neither is high maintenance. After a week or two, both methods yield the same result.

What Pain Medication is Used During Circumcision?

At WakeMed, we provide local anesthesia with a lidocaine penile block. In addition, newborns are swaddled, soothed with Tylenol, and some get a sweet snack.

Is Circumcision a Required Procedure?

Certainly not. Circumcision is not required by law or by hospital policy. While complications of newborn circumcision are rare, some parents may choose not to risk it, or they may worry about the pain their child may feel. Other parents choose to circumcise for religious or cultural reasons, potential health benefits (such as reducing bacteria), or for social concerns. The providers at Kamm McKenzie will support you no matter which decision you make.

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