Eboni's Story

Eboni Avery: Generations of care at Kamm McKenzie

When Eboni Avery learned she was pregnant, her mother recommended Kamm McKenzie. Why? Because not only was her mother a patient, but Eboni, her brother, and her sister were also delivered by Kamm McKenzie doctors—Eboni by Dr. Heaton and her sister and brother by Dr. Kamm. They’re not alone: Throughout the years several generations of women, from mothers to daughters to granddaughters, have sought care at Kamm McKenzie.

“I feel a real sense of family here,” she said. “Everyone knows my name, from the secretary to the nurses to the doctors. I couldn’t ask for a better experience than Kamm McKenzie, from the front office to labor and delivery.”

Dr. Byrd delivered Eboni’s first child, a son named Jordan.

“Dr. Byrd was very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable—always eager to answer any questions I had.”

Eboni said her pregnancy was very routine, and she praised all of the doctors for their encouragement and willingness to listen throughout the whole process.

The family tradition continues: Eboni recently recommended the practice to her sister.

“My husband, Jermaine, and I enjoyed all of the doctors there. He went with me to every appointment,” Eboni said. “We had a wonderful experience with every doctor we saw at Kamm McKenzie. They really do feel like family.”

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