Brooke's Story

Brooke Story: “Kamm McKenzie is like a little piece of my family now.”

For Brooke Story, it was a leap of faith from 3,000 miles away.

Brooke was moving from the state of Washington to the Triangle area. She was five months pregnant, and there wasn’t enough time to extensively research every OB-GYN practice available. How did she choose Kamm McKenzie? She was impressed by the glowing reviews patients left on its social media pages. She made an appointment with Kamm McKenzie for an initial evaluation, and she traveled across the country to get there.

“When I called, they were very informative,” she said. “I told them I would be in North Carolina for a short time and then have to return to Washington before my final move to the Triangle. They were very understanding and assured me that when I arrived, they would be ready to welcome me. Would I recommend them? Yes. Two hundred percent.”

She had three children under the care of Kamm McKenzie, and the childbirth experiences could not have been more different. Son Brayden (now 4 ½ ) was a breech birth—which meant she had to have a scheduled C-section. However, she went into labor before the scheduled C-section—she was not prepared for labor. Dr. Bernstien delivered Brayden via C-section.

“He was amazing. I was not prepared for labor. Dr. Bernstein was great at calming me and letting me know everything would be okay,” she said.

Her daughter Isabelle (now 2 ½) was delivered by Dr. Bass, and Emilee (now 7 months) was delivered by Dr. Smith. Isabelle took a bit more than an hour to enter the world while Emilee was much more in a hurry—born within five minutes (and no time for an epidural.)

“All three of these births were completely different experiences, but each doctor was wonderful. The thing is they are so busy but they still spend as much time with you as you need. I have always felt comfortable. They’re like a little piece of my family now.”

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