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2016… what a year!  

I took advantage of some of my days off around New Year’s to relax and reflect on my 2016.  I started with Kamm McKenzie in the summer of 2015, so 2016 was my first full year with the practice.   And what a year it has been!

I’ve gotten to know many lovely patients and their families, and it has been a true privilege to care for you all this year. 

Looking closely at the numbers, I delivered 186 babies this year through 179 deliveries, including 7 sets of twins. I’m proud to say that of these deliveries, 146 were vaginal births. Fourteen were repeat cesarean sections (meaning that the first delivery was a cesarean section, and this was the second or third pregnancy). Nineteen were primary (or first) cesarean sections. 

Of those 19 first cesarean sections, 9 were planned for indications like breech presentation. That means only 10 of my patients had an unanticipated, and already laboring, first cesarean section this year. Out of 179 deliveries total, my primary cesarean rate was excellent at 10.6%. After all, the national cesarean section rate is upwards of 30%.

I certainly can’t take all the credit for this low cesarean section rate. The awesome and experienced nurses working at Wake Med Labor & Delivery are a huge driver. Another component is my physician colleagues who are also strong advocates for vaginal delivery (They have low cesarean rates, too!). And of course, our patients who work hard to take good care of themselves during pregnancy also help keep the cesarean rate low.

I am grateful for our patients who have allowed Kamm McKenzie to care for them at such an important time in their lives this year.  I have a great job. 

Thank you for a wonderful 2016, and I hope the New Year brings you joy and peace.

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