Endometrial Ablation

Kamm McKenzie OBGYN provides endometrial ablation, a minor surgery that can help control or eliminate abnormal bleeding.  For some women, this surgery can be an alternative to hysterectomy.

An endometrial ablation is a surgery that involves destroying the uterine lining where menstrual bleeding originates with heat energy.  The goal is marked improvement in, or elimination of your menstrual period.  This procedure is usually done for pre or peri-menopausal women who have failed medical management of their abnormal bleeding and who do NOT desire future pregnancy.   The endometrial ablation itself does not prevent pregnancy, and pregnancy following endometrial ablation can have severe complications.  We encourage permanent sterilization for patients who desire this surgery; however, if you do not choose this you, will need to use reliable birth control until menopause.

Endometrial ablation is often performed along with the procedures of hysteroscopy and D&C.   These procedures allow for complete evaluation of the uterine cavity with both visual assessment and tissue pathology.  In order to evaluate the uterine lining for abnormalities prior to the endometrial ablation procedure, your provider may perform an in-office sampling of the uterine tissue called an “endometrial biopsy”.

Our surgeons offer 2 endometrial ablation techniques:

Endometrial ablation may be performed as either an in-office procedure or out-patient surgery, depending on your specific clinical situation.  The type of endometrial ablation that your surgeon recommends depends on the shape and size of your uterus.  Our patients usually have minimal discomfort following the surgery, and are able to resume most normal activities the following day.

Efficacy of this surgery varies from patient to patient.  We usually quote around a 90-95% patient satisfaction with regards to bleeding improvement.  Between 50-75% of women are without any bleeding after this surgery.

Ask your provider for more information if you think this may be the surgery for you.

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