Conception Question 6: Can Prior Contraception Affect Fertility?

I hear it all the time..."Dr. B, I want to get pregnant next year. So I'm gonna stop taking my pills now."

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Protecting Your Newborn from Pertussis or “Whooping Cough”

Vaccination against pertussis, commonly referred to as “whooping cough,” has recently gained intense media attention due to rising infection rates in the U.S. This growing awareness of pertussis infection has generated many excellent questions from our expectant parents during routine OB visits. You’ve inspired me to summarize the most current information on pertussis and recommendations for vaccination.

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Conception Question 5: What About Conceiving After Miscarriage?

It's surprising to many couples to learn that 15% to 20% of all recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. While the rate is not quite as high for first time moms, it is still a possibility. Fortunately, your ability to conceive after a miscarriage should not be greatly affected.

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Conception Question 4: What are the Effects of Aging on Conception?

Today, more and more women are establishing themselves in professional careers and waiting to have children until later in life. Certainly age has an effect on fertility. I can't deny that. But unlike what many people think, there is no exact threshold at which conceiving is less likely.

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Conception Question 3: Can You Really Control the Sex of Your Baby?

The gender of your baby is determined by which kind of sperm fertilizes an egg. A single sperm either carries the genetic material that leads to a boy or a girl.

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Top Baby Names 2011

It’s always fun looking at the most popular names year to year. Check out the list below and see if your baby’s name made the national list.

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Conception Question 2: Should You Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins Early?

Yes! I recommend all women start taking prenatal vitamins well before they start trying to conceive, and certainly once they stop using contraception. You never know how long it will take to get pregnant. So start the prenatal vitamin of your choice today!

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Conception Question 1: Does Exercise Affect Fertility?

I've been asked if exercise and physical activity are connected to fertility. Exercise, in general, is healthy for you. (Duh, right?) But are there any repercussions for working out too little or too much? The answer to this question depends on a woman's current weight and fitness levels.

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Your Baby Bump and Back Pain

So you’ve been eagerly waiting the day that your body changes enough for it to be clearly obvious you’re pregnant. Be careful what you wish for. The weight gain of pregnancy, the changes in posture, and the hormonal effects causing relaxation of muscles and ligaments all can lead to back pain. While this is a common complaint in pregnancy, it can be treated and even prevented. Consider these tips for beating back pain.

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Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

A common question that arises while pregnant is “What foods should I NOT eat and why?” It doesn’t make intuitive sense that some foods are fine if you are not pregnant, but become a problem once you are.

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