Decreased Libido and "The Little Pink Pill"

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), commonly called “decreased libido”, affects approximately 10% of the female population across all age groups according to the International Society for Sexual Medicine.  With new national news organizations introducing the "little pink pill" I thought it would be a good time to review HSDD.

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10 Contractions: It's Worth the Wait

Even with traffic, it is likely around 10 contractions (if you are in active labor) on the drive from Wakemed North to Wakemed on New Bern Ave.  As I mentioned in my prior blog post, we very much want to take care of you during the pregnancy, the delivery, and the postpartum time frame.  Here are some reasons why we feel the 10 contraction drive is worth it:

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WakeMed North: The Kamm McKenzie Plan

With the upcoming grand opening of WakeMed’s newest facility in North Raleigh, we are getting a lot of questions about our practice and delivery location(s).  I thought it would be a good idea to explain our plans in this forum and hope that you all understand our decision.  

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Allergy Season and Pollen Relief

Pollen season is upon us, coloring  - and covering - everything in its path bright yellow!  If you are  pregnant this time of year, you may have noticed an increase in your symptoms whether you’ve  previously suffered from allergies or not. Often times pregnancy will cause a flare in your allergies, and  what used to be just a mild annoyance is now a full on attack of your eyes, nose and throat.

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Birth Plans: One Doctor's Point of View

Most of our patients have some sort of birth plan.  Some are super simple and others are ten pages long.  Some patients don’t even write it down.  They just tell me “Dr. B, we just want a healthy mom and a healthy baby.”

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Delayed Cord Clamping

Of ALLLLLLLL the things that are part of the WakeMed labor classes, we get so many questions and requests for delayed cord clamping information.  It is usually number 1 or number 2 on that list of questions on patients’ cell phones (right next to questions about episiotomy or epidurals) that they bring up around 34-36 weeks pregnant. 

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Paradigm Shift: Doctor to Dad

Well, my wife and I (and our little man Oliver) have survived 3 months and are well into a pretty decent groove.  NO… he doesn’t sleep all night but we have seen improvements on a weekly basis.  I thought I would write a short blog about the paradigm shift I got to experience, as an OBGYN doctor, during my wife’s labor, delivery, and post-partum course.

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Part 2: I Never Want to Have Sex Again

Check out Part 2 of local sex therapist, Laurie Watson's Blog entitled "I Never Want to Have Sex Again."

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Part 1: I Never Want to Have Sex Again

Laurie Watson, our local sex therapist, has provided another excellent blog series for us. This is part 1 of her blog entitled "I Never Want to Have Sex Again." Thank you very much, Laurie.

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Artificial Sweeteners in Pregnancy

Calm down everyone… please.   Our phone nurses really should be answering emergency calls and not giving advice on how many packets of Sweet ‘N Low is acceptable in a day.  Enjoying most of the things you normally consume outside of the pregnancy state (you all know the exceptions) is considered safe. 

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