In 2016 I wrote a blog about pregnancy loss and I felt it was time to take a few moments to write something new about it.  Like many things you can read on social media nowadays, I read something so ignorant that I was genuinely upset about it.  Granted, this is my opinion, but as an advocate for my patients I am confident this opinion is the right one.

Jason Whitlock, a sports journalist with nearly ½ million followers tweeted a response to Chrissy Teigen sharing her recent pregnancy loss.  Teigen and her husband John Legend lost their baby midway through their pregnancy.  Chrissy and John, who each have 13 million followers, share many aspects of their lives on social media (so I am told, I do not follow either).  So when they lost their baby boy Jack this month, they shared a detailed post and a grieving photograph.  Whitlock then proceeded to question why anyone would do this and inferred that it was ridiculous. I was annoyed with Whitlock’s ignorance and then when people responded to him about how others may grieve differently he essentially doubled down. 

I commend Teigen and Legend for sharing their story.  While everyone in their situation would not broadcast their loss, I think it is important for people (my patients specifically) to know that no one is immune to pregnancy loss.  And by sharing their story, they are helping those who have experienced loss know they are not alone.  Almost everyone I know has experienced a miscarriage.  I know friends, doctors, nurses, and patients that have lost babies late in pregnancy.  It’s terrible, there is no other way to describe it.  It can happen to anyone.  

I know the way I feel inside when I diagnose or deliver someone with a later pregnancy loss.  If I have that much emotion about it, I have to assume my patients and their loved ones are experiencing a million times more emotion and grief than me.  So if they want to post their grieving photos and stories all over the internet to help them with the process, I am for it.  Because if it helps one other grieving family cope, then it is worth it. Shame on Jason Whitlock.

All my love to those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. We are with you.