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Placenta: To Eat or Not to Eat, That is the Question

The placenta is your body's only disposable organ. It contains a network of tissue and blood vessels that allows for the exchange of nutrients and gases between the mother and the fetus. It removes waste products and carbon dioxide from the fetus. It is the blood barrier between the maternal and fetal circulation. Some antibodies can pass from mother to fetus helping protect from some diseases. It functions as an endocrine organ making some hormones. These functions we can all accept. The question being addressed in this post is, "Is it worth eating?"

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Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales #5 and #6: Arms Up and Drano Myths

Time to address two strange old wives' tales: 

1) Putting your arms over your head can cause the baby to wrap around its umbilical cord.

2) Mixing urine with Drano can help predict your baby's gender.

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Pregnancy Old Wives' Tale #3: Heartburn and Hair Growth

Everyone has heard it… if you have heartburn during your pregnancy, your baby will come out with a full head of hair.

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Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tale #1: Heart Rate and Gender

Every day, we all hear it from our moms who are still too early in their pregnancies to know the gender of their baby. “The heartbeat is high, must be a girl.” My response is often the same and is always true...

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Conception Question 3: Can You Really Control the Sex of Your Baby?

The gender of your baby is determined by which kind of sperm fertilizes an egg. A single sperm either carries the genetic material that leads to a boy or a girl.

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Demystifying Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy

Depression is very, very common and its prevalence peaks during childbearing years.  Many women start their pregnancies on an antidepressant and the questions then ensue….

  • Have I caused harm to my baby?
  • What are the risks to my newborn if I am on an antidepressant?
  • Should I continue using the antidepressant or should I stop?
  • Should I switch do a different antidepressant?
  • Should I wean off the antidepressant at some point?
  • Can I breast feed if I am taking an antidepressant?

 Let’s address these questions individually, but with the caveat that there is no 100% perfect answer.  Each patient’s individual risks and benefits must be assessed and the patient and her physician can then decide on an effective strategy.  

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