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Delayed Cord Clamping

Of ALLLLLLLL the things that are part of the WakeMed labor classes, we get so many questions and requests for delayed cord clamping information.  It is usually number 1 or number 2 on that list of questions on patients’ cell phones (right next to questions about episiotomy or epidurals) that they bring up around 34-36 weeks pregnant. 

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Paradigm Shift: Doctor to Dad

Well, my wife and I (and our little man Oliver) have survived 3 months and are well into a pretty decent groove.  NO… he doesn’t sleep all night but we have seen improvements on a weekly basis.  I thought I would write a short blog about the paradigm shift I got to experience, as an OBGYN doctor, during my wife’s labor, delivery, and post-partum course.

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Artificial Sweeteners in Pregnancy

Calm down everyone… please.   Our phone nurses really should be answering emergency calls and not giving advice on how many packets of Sweet ‘N Low is acceptable in a day.  Enjoying most of the things you normally consume outside of the pregnancy state (you all know the exceptions) is considered safe. 

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Weaning From Breastfeeding

We get a lot of phone calls and visits with questions about weaning strategies from breastfeeding.  So who better to provide these wonderful tips than then the young male doctor with no children, right?  Well, I have done my research and will provide some helpful hints in this blog post. 

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Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales #5 and #6: Arms Up and Drano Myths

Time to address two strange old wives' tales: 

1) Putting your arms over your head can cause the baby to wrap around its umbilical cord.

2) Mixing urine with Drano can help predict your baby's gender.

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Pregnancy Old Wives' Tale #4: Morning Sickness and Gender

One pregnancy myth is that if a woman has morning sickness, there is a higher chance that she is having a girl.  The theory is that one or more of the pregnancy hormones may be more elevated with a female fetus.  This elevation in the pregnancy hormone(s) could possibly lead to more nausea and vomiting.

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Pregnancy Old Wives' Tale #3: Heartburn and Hair Growth

Everyone has heard it… if you have heartburn during your pregnancy, your baby will come out with a full head of hair.

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Pregnancy Old Wives' Tale #2: The Full Moon Effect: Fact or Fiction?

As I look into the morning sky and see a full moon on the way to work, I certainly say to myself with a touch of sarcasm, “Great, full moon… lucky me.”  It certainly feels like we are busier on labor and delivery units on or around a full moon.  Ask any L&D nurse and they will tell you with confidence that more babies are born during a full moon.   

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Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tale #1: Heart Rate and Gender

Every day, we all hear it from our moms who are still too early in their pregnancies to know the gender of their baby. “The heartbeat is high, must be a girl.” My response is often the same and is always true...

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Newsworthy: Autism and Induction of Labor

A recent study identifying an association between autism and induction of labor that was published in the August issue of JAMA Pediatrics has gained a lot of media and patient attention. Almost every major news outlet worldwide has featured an article this week citing the findings of a study conducted locally at the Duke Center for Human Genetics in Durham—this data has hit home, literally and figuratively, for many of our patients and has already prompted many thoughtful patient questions regarding autism and labor induction.

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